Data Visualization Society - State of the Industry Survey

Sourced from Data Visualization Society, Created by Boxplot, Data from 1700 survey responses.

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Rate by Role and LBGTQ+ Status

The Data Visualization Society's 2020 State of the Industry Survey held a contest for members of the community do submit their best visualizations on the results of a survey that included 50+ questions and was taken by over 1,700 people. The survey was designed to be inclusive of different types of practitioners including those who work full time for organizations in primarily data visualization roles, freelancers, students, teachers and hobbyists. Respondents were given different sets of questions tailored to their roles depending on what type (or multiple types) of practitioner they identified as.

Our friends at Boxplot submitted this chart which highlights LGBTQ status within the pay rates and roles amongst the participating data visualization community. You can check out other visualizations on this data to see what else is included in this dataset as well as to get ideas for extremely creative visualization styles and techniques.

Rate by Role and LBGTQ+ Status
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