Collateral Distribution - COMM 2018-COR3

Sourced from Edgar, Reported on July 6th 2021, Data from 41 loans.


Collateral Distribution Charts

The following three charts use the CREFC Property Type code and the Valuation at Securitization amount from the Reg AB II Asset-level Requirements, Form ABS-EE for this deal. If you would love to see distribution by loan balance, property size or another metric, let us know!

Collateral Distribution - COMM 2018-COR3 Pie Chart
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Why we made this chart

The ABS-EE filing is freely available to everyone and contains extremely valuable information about loans and properties in Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) deals. We discuss some of the ways to access this information on the Data Sources page. is able to leverage our data pipelines to produce charts from this free data that you can download and re-use in your work. These charts are fairly simple but hopefully they can provide value in a number of possible ways:

  1. Save you time from creating the chart yourself if you just need a super quick confirmation.
  2. A place where you can double check your work. Verify a chart you have created against one of ours - second pair of eyes never hurt!
  3. Discover new datasets and their capabilities to answer questions - then go get the dataset and do your own analytics!
  4. Discover new styles of charts and new visualization techniques - get inspired by our talented Creators.
  5. Re-use our charts in your own committee documents or investor presentations. We can make the simple charts for you so you have more time to make the hard ones.

To start using this dataset yourself

  1. We will always point you directly to the source of free and open data so that you can get it yourself.
  2. If you want the exact data we are using, perhaps for expediancy, we can sell you a copy for a few pennies per record. In this case you are paying for the data to flow through the data pipelines we have built and for any aggregation, normalization or quality work performed by those pipelines. Contact us to buy a dataset.
  3. If you are looking for vendor data we can Broker a deal between you and the Vendor to get the best price possible on exactly what you need. Let us know if you need help Brokering a data deal.

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